About the Instructor

Holly’s paddling related certification, experience and achievements.DSC_0032oct2015


  • Wilderness First Responder (NOLES)
  • Waterfront Lifeguard (American Red Cross)
  • Basic Adult, Child & Infant First Aid & CPR/AED (American Red Cross/Noles)
  • Certified ACA Canoe Instructor Trainer Level II
  • Certified ACA Kayak Instructor Level II
  • Certified ACA Stand Up Paddle Board Instructor Level I
  • Certified as an United State Canoe Racing Association Canoe Instructor
  • Certified CAPPA Fitness Trainer and Educator


Holly is an outdoor enthusiast. While she enjoys back packing & hiking adventures, her passion is paddling down rivers. She grew up taking a canoe on a family camping trip throughout Texas. 
In 2001 she began competing in ultra marathon canoe races. She also began teaching kid’s kayaking day camps as a summer job.    Today her focus has changed from competing to instructing and getting people outside.  She has had the opportunity of leading numerous trips down rivers, taught hundreds of kids, racers and camp staff how to paddle and improve their skills.
Staying active in the community she has volunteered and served on the local fire/river rescue team and served as a TCKRA Board member, organized several river clean ups, and has been volunteering as race director Kanu Rennen (a race for kids) since 2014.


Racing Accomplishments:

11 Texas Water Safari Finishes

  • 2002 Second place novice (Aluminum)
  • 2003 Second place women’s (USCA C2 – Brandy & Holly )
  • 2004 Set a new record for the youngest female solo finisher and youngest 1 place winner
  • 2004 Set the women’s solo record with a finishing time of 49:26 at 20th overall (broke by one of Holly’s students in 2016) 
  • 2005 First place womens. (Sandy, Mary & Holly) Set a record for the highest placement for a women’s team. 9th  (This record was broken by Holly’s students in 2013 and again in 2015 – tied by Holly in 2017)
  • 2006 First place women’s team, 16th overall (Sandy, Sarah & Holly)
  • 2007 Set a new women’s team record with a finishing time of 44:50, 17th overall . (Sarah, Hannah & Holly) (This record was broken in 2015 by two of Holly’s students)
  • 2009 First place women’s (USCA c2 – Debbie & Holly)
  • 2011 Part of the first and only 6 women’s team in the history of the TWS. 1st place women and 10th over all.(Sandy, Samantha, Virginia, Jamie, Natalie & Holly)
  • 2012 Set a new women’s C1 record. Also the second woman to ever finish the TWS in a C1.
  • 2014 Set a new and the current women’s C1 record with a finishing time of 57:49. (in a low water year!) She also set the highest overall placement record for a women’s C1 at 20th place.
  • 2017 Tied for the highest placement for a women’s team. 5th over all, 1st women’s at 43:14. (Team with Amy, Debbie Melissa, Rebekah)

5 Colorado 100 finishes

  • All finishes are first place.
  • In 2007 Holly and Fred Mynar set the current mixed course record of 11:55.

Other Races

  • Holly holds multiple first place Texas State Championships for Women’s USCA C1, USCA C2, and Aluminum. As well as other races throughout the state of Texas.
  • She also won first place at the 2011 Aluminum National Championships.
  • MR340 – 2016 First place OVER ALL win. First time for an all female team to win the over all title against over 400  teams in the 340 mile race across Missouri. (Team with Morgan, Mollie, Amy, Brenda, Virginia)