Texas Water Safari

Looking for an adventure?

You might consider training and competing in the Texas Water Safari. The “world’s toughest canoe race” is held annually the second weekend of June each summer, beginning in beautiful San Marcos, Texas and ending in Seadrift. You’ll be given 100 hours to complete the 260 mile long course. During the race, expect to encounter numerous challenges including sweepers, large dams, poisonous snakes, extreme fatigue, darkness of night and the blazing Texas sun during the day. All racers must be mentally and physically strong in order to finish the race. Knowing how to properly handle your canoe and reading the river is critical. The prize for winning is nothing more than a small patch and a trophy you have to return the following year.

So, what makes people return year after year to such an extreme event? For me it is the friendships developed through the race, the challenge, and a love of the river.  Give it a try to find out what makes you come back for more…

Check out this video by Yeti Coolers on the Texas Water Safari.

Numerous teams in the Texas Water Safari,  including the girls on this video took lessons from Paddle With Style.