Welcome to Paddle With Style


If you are wanting to make your canoe/kayak to go straight for a relaxing trip down the river, or you are looking to improve your skills and paddle competitively you have come to the right place!

You can not learn to paddle with style by reading books. One must get out on the water and paddle! I offer a variety of paddling clinics based out of San Marcos, Texas. My main focus is on having good technique using a long powerful stroke that has proven to be effective in marathon racing.  There will be a few things such as safety and gear covered on dry land, but the majority of the class will be spent in your canoe/kayak on the water.

I also offer day guided day and over night trips for groups.

I have a few rigged alumacrafts, and USCA C2, USCA C1 canoes ready to rent for races and the racing season.